Avast hails from Stavanger, Norway, and fuses the aesthetics of black metal with the atmospherics of post-rock to create a soundscape that is both breathtaking and mesmerizing. Since starting out in 2015, Avast has released a two track EP, been on one European tour, and in the autumn of 2018 the band released its debut record “Mother Culture” through Dark Essence Records.

Reviewers and promoters have placed the band in many different genres, with blackgaze and post-black metal being the most prominent. Critics have also pointed out that the band is clearly rooted in punk rock and hardcore, particularly considering their lyrics not being centered around typical occult black metal themes. Instead their lyrics deal with social and environmental issues in a poetic and philosophical disguise. The band’s debut full-length record, “Mother Culture”, is an atmospheric, dark and poetic blackgaze journey through some of the myths that modern civilization is built upon. The record addresses the potential for a global catastrophe, and is based on the philosophical novel “Ishmael” by Daniel Quinn.

Hans Olaf Myrvang – Vocals and bass
Trond Salte – Guitar
Ørjan Kristoffersen Lund – Guitar
Stian Steensnæs – Drums

Mother Culture – Album (2018)
Avast – EP (2016)

«Avast carries on their country’s tradition of black metal in a way that you might not see coming.» – Invisible Oranges
«Avast is one of the strongest post-black metal bands out there.» – Can this even be called Music?
«This truly is one of the best debut albums that I have heard in years.» – The New Fury
«Mother Culture is an album that fans of this style should not pass on.» – Nine Cirles
«Well, are you ready to go back to belonging to the world?» – Aristocrazia Webzine
«If the end is indeed nigh, this isn’t a bad way to go out.» – Revolver Magazine
«Especially the songwriting is first class.» – Voices From the Darkside
«Delve into Avast’s vision of a dark future.» – Decibel Magazine
«It unabashedly pulls at the heartstrings.» – No Clean Singing
«A brilliant mixture of anger and melancholy.» – Amboss Mag
«An absolutely breathtaking debut record.» – Metalmance
«Avast is a rather unique creation.» – Metal Revolution
«This is an enjoyably captivating album.» – Ninehertz
«A powerful debut album.» – Metal Only e.V.
«A strong album!» – Vampster.com
«Be prepared!» – Eternal Terror
«Terrific.» – Bleeding4Metal
«9/10» – Valkyries Webzine
«3.5/5» – Angry Metal Guy
«9/10» – Metalhead.it
«10/10» – Pavillon Webzine
«9/10» – POST
«8.5/10» – Ave Noctum
«7.5/10» – Metal.it
«8/10» – Zephyrs Odem
«82/100» – Lords of Metal
«10/15» – My Revelations
«4/5» – United Rock Nations
«10/15» – Musikreviews.de
«7/10» – Metal-norge.com
«7.5/10» – Metal1.info
«10/15» – Legazy
«8.7/10» – Metal Factory
«8/10» – Rock Hard
«5/7» – Metal Hammer
«7/10» – Deaf Forever
«3.6/5» – Rock Hard Slovakia
«8/10» – Rock Tribune
«4/6» – Scream Magazine
«8/10» – Ultraje

«The crowd lapped it up and so they should as this was a stunning performance – Atmospheric, brutal and hypnotic.» – Ave Noctum
«Speaking of surprises, however, Blackened Post/Post-Black metallers Avast turned out to be a big one.» – No Clean Singing
«These guys have the energy of a pissed off thrash metal band.» – Scream Magazine
«Avast was the most impressive band of the day.» – Råkkfolk

March 2, 2019 – Heavymetal.no (Norwegian)
February 13, 2019 – SurfNorge (Norwegian)
January 24, 2019 – Heavy Music Artwork (English)
December 18, 2018 – Addergebroed (Dutch + English)
December 15, 2018 – Vampster (German)
September 9, 2018 –
New Fury Media (English)
April 25, 2016 – Occultblackmetalzine (English)

An Earnest Desire (2018)
The World Belongs to Man (2018)
The Myth (2019)