“Avast carries on their country’s tradition of black metal in a way that you might not see coming.” – Invisible Oranges
“Avast is one of the strongest post-black metal bands out there.” – Can this even be called Music?
“This truly is one of the best debut albums that I have heard in years.” – The New Fury
“Mother Culture is an album that fans of this style should not pass on.” – Nine Cirles
“Well, are you ready to go back to belonging to the world?” – Aristocrazia Webzine
“If the end is indeed nigh, this isn’t a bad way to go out.” – Revolver Magazine
“Especially the songwriting is first class.” – Voices From the Darkside
“Delve into Avast’s vision of a dark future.” – Decibel Magazine
“It unabashedly pulls at the heartstrings.” – No Clean Singing
“A brilliant mixture of anger and melancholy.” – Amboss Mag
“An absolutely breathtaking debut record.” – Metalmance
“Avast is a rather unique creation.” – Metal Revolution
“This is an enjoyably captivating album.” – Ninehertz
“A powerful debut album.” – Metal Only e.V.
“A strong album!” –
“Be prepared!” – Eternal Terror
“Terrific.” – Bleeding4Metal
“9/10” – Valkyries Webzine
“3.5/5” – Angry Metal Guy
“9/10” –
“10/10” – Pavillon Webzine
“9/10” – POST
“8.5/10” – Ave Noctum
“7.5/10” –
“8/10” – Zephyrs Odem
“82/100” – Lords of Metal
“10/15” – My Revelations
“4/5” – United Rock Nations
“10/15” –
“7/10” –
“7.5/10” –
“10/15” – Legazy
“8.7/10” – Metal Factory
“8/10” – Rock Hard
“5/7” – Metal Hammer
“7/10” – Deaf Forever
“3.6/5” – Rock Hard Slovakia
“8/10” – Rock Tribune
“4/6” – Scream Magazine
“8/10” – Ultraje

“The crowd lapped it up and so they should as this was a stunning performance – Atmospheric, brutal and hypnotic.” – Ave Noctum
“Speaking of surprises, however, Blackened Post/Post-Black metallers Avast turned out to be a big one.” – No Clean Singing
“These guys have the energy of a pissed off thrash metal band.” – Scream Magazine
“Avast was the most impressive band of the day.” – Råkkfolk
“This band has something exciting going on.” – Bergens Tidende